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Peking University is closely associated with China's population development and has a long tradition in population studies. IPRPKU hopes to develop a united, open, mobile and competitive mechanism and to integrate our thoughts, skills, knowledge and talents together so as to make the Institute a modern, multi-disciplinary and systematic research platform. Through teaching, research and social services, the Institute trains high level theoretical and practical population specialists, prepares basic materials and scientific information needed for government policy formulation, offers to society consultation and practical services, devotes all efforts to promote population, economic, social resource and environmental sustainable development, and creates a sound population environment for building up a well-to-do society and promoting human development.

Population is a key element in the social sustainable development. At the beginning of the 21st century, there are ample opportunity as well as challenges. We shall face them with positive attitude, scientific solutions, rapid responses and common actions.



ZHENG Xiaoying
Institute of Population Research Director
WHO Collaborating Center on Reproductive Health and Population Science Director

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